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Assist and Partners 2020-BEA

BEA is a leading manufacturer of sensing solutions for automatic doors systems. The company was founded in 1965 and its headquarters are located in Li ...

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Assist and Partners 2020-Assa Abloy

Assist and partners - 2020 We decided to start virtual presenting of our suppliers-partners with whom we work already some 20 years at the Bulgarian m ...

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Automatic doors and touchless switches: when hygiene is priority!

In times when hygiene control is essential, there are preventative measures to take to ensure that the risk bacterial spreading in your building is ke ...

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Adequate actions for protection in hospitals in ref to Covid-19

Let’s be honest. Most American hospitals are unprepared to treat a sudden surge in very sick and contagious COVID-19 patients. Most hospital emergency ...

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SANIBOX® Export range The® range is a clinical waste packaging range. She was designed in accordance with all the applicable regulations in ...

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Quarantined Home?? 20 minute exercise routine for seniors and beginners

Stay at home! Do sport! Stand straight in front of the garage door! Breathe in and start a short sun gymnastics!It's spring! Be healthy! from the ASSI ...

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