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Why all manual doors should be automatic?

Manual doors have been a mandatory element of buildings for centuries and have always been sufficiently functional.In a pandemic periods, however, man ...

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Assist and partners 2020- Hotron sensors

Hotron Ltd - A Global Network Of Sensor Expertise Founded in 1968 in Tokyo, Japan, Hotron is a globally recognised market leader in the desig ...

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Two sliding gates to replace obosolete swing gates

You can easily replace old swing gates and turn them into twop sliding automatic gates with the help of engineering of Assist ltd.

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ACROVYN by Design

Feature walls and bespoke wall coverings have long been the staple of good architectural design, but with the attention feature walls attract comes da ...

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Assist and partners 2020- Extruflex France

extruflex group designs, manufactures and markets flexible PVC strips, sheets and transparent films for industrial doors, partitions, flexible windows ...

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new generation gate automation from Assist

STIK S Led garden lights   Garden lights with height 40 cm with front light and back light   Completely made of aluminium   Replaceable led outdoor ...

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