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ProfilGate® is the perfect solution for the reduction of dirt, which is transported into your facility by vehicles or people

When should ProfilGate® be used?The application of ProfilGate® is particularly suited to industries and companies, which have high traffic movement (m ...

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Longopac partner meeting 2019

From September 1 to September 4 in Malmo, Sweden, the annual traditional meeting of Longopac distributors from all over the world was held. Within 2 w ...

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CAME  проведе дванадесетата интернационална среща

CAME  проведе дванадесетата интернационална среща от 26 юни до 29 юни в Тревизо и Венеция, Италия Фирма АССИСТ ЕООД е официален дистрибутор на CAME, з ...

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