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Cleaning systems Profilgate from Germany

Technical cleanness is gaining ever growing importance in enterprises: Stricter regulations on labour safety and maximum requirements on hygiene. A ...

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Grippy floor mat

Keep floors safe throughout your facility with our growing family of Grippy Mats. Now you can have safe, hassle-free floors from your front entrance t ...

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When choosing an overhead door for a building

When choosing an overhead door for a building, a number of aspects must be considered with regard to structural requirements, such as the mounting fra ...

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Assa Abloy Code Handle

Easy retrofit to interior doors (8 mm spindle) without wiringUniversal usage in door leafs 35 – 80 mm thickEasy to operate, guided by optical and audi ...

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Night Light System

A new approach to automation for doors and gates. No longer just a way to manage openings, but a light source and security investment at the same time ...

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When is it time to replace your automatic door?

Automatic doors are designed to last for years of use, so you can get a good return on your original investment. But, for one reason or another, even ...

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