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With Heliosa Hi Design infrared heaters and the OASIdehor modular screen system, Star Progetti has created a new trend, a new way to experience the outdoors and increase business by transforming your overlooked outdoor spaces into elegant rooms to enjoy all year long.
Using Heliosa Hi Design infrared heaters with OASIdehor modular screens makes it possible to use outdoor spaces all year round, creating impressive areas which outwardly project the image of your business to the world.  This will allow you to serve more customers and dramatically increase your revenues. 
Star Progetti has designed and developed original solutions to convert unprofitable and rickety set ups, with just a few tables and chairs, into full-fledged rooms.
The removable or fixed modular screens are available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes. These screens provide protection from wind, dust, noise and vehicle emissions. They allow you to create an elegant space and ensure a clean environment for your patrons.