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Industrial Solutions

ASSIST Ltd offers design, engineering, production,delivery, installation and maintenance of complete solutions for the industry:

  • rapid Pvc doors
  • docking equipment
  • dock levellers
  • dock shelters
  • loading ramps
  • loading bridges
  • wheel chair ramps
  • industrial air-curtains
  • cantilever sliding gates
  • special doors
  • high-performance doors 


High Speed Doors
ALBANY ASSA ABLOY High Performance Doors can be found in operation throughout a wide variety of industries and in a varied range of applications where separation of environments, speed of material or vehicle flow, and safety of persons or other objects is critical. Some of these industries include Food, Pharmaceutical and Transportation Manufacturing; Mining; Freezer and Cold Storage; Warehousing
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Dock Levellers
Dock-levellers are used to compensate the difference in height between the bed of the truck and the floor of a loading dock. Moving forwards and backwards on the platform, a fork-lift can quickly load or unload a truck. Handling operation efficiency considerably increases with the use of a dock-leveller, as the time spent on loading or unloading is considerably reduced.
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PVC Strip Doors
Industrial strip doors ensure effective separation and passage safety. Without requiring any specific maintenance, they are the most economic answer to all closing requirements.
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Cantilever sliding gate
cantilever sliding gate
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