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End of the line for dirt and damp


With the new emco 3 zone cleaning system up to 90% of grime and dampness are absorbed when entering the building. The special feature is that with the new emco Attaché for the first time entrance areas can be designed and printed individually and in accordance with the customers requirements.

By way of the 3 zone cleaning concept, emco achieves and delivers an optimum and consistent dirt reduction program, using tried and tested system combinations. These are customised to the property, offering problem-solving solutions, which have the effect of considerably reducing the cleaning costs, extending life expectancy of floor surfaces and building equipment. The presence of skid protection /accident prevention is guaranteed by using all 3 systems.

Zone1: Coarse dirt

e.g. emco Diplomat 522 CB (cassette brush). A basic system for the removal of coarse dirt.


Zone 2: Fine dirt

e.g. emco Diplomat 522 R (ribbed). Fine dirt is brushed off using the robust ribbed inserts and not carried into the building.


Zone 3: Damp dirt

e.g. emco Attaché TT. Continuous floor covering with the texture and characteristics like carpet, permanently resilient, for the absorption of moisture and residual dirt.


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