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Heating with radiant heaters is indirect. The heat is transferred from the radiant heaters at the ceiling to surfaces such as floors, walls, fixtures and the like, which in their turn give off heat to the air in the room. No losses occur on the way from ceiling to floor. Radiant heating can be compared to ordinary light. Dispersion and reflection occur in relatively the same way. Radiant heaters create a very equal temperature distribution between floor and ceiling. The expensive cushion of overheated air that is easily formed when using other heating systems can be avoided. In rooms with high ceilings, radiant heaters give significantly lower energy consumption.
The air temperature can often be reduced a few degrees in rooms heated with radiant heaters. The direct heat contribution from the heaters and the somewhat higher surface temperatures in the room compensate for the lower air temperatures and create very good thermal comfort at the same time that energy consumption lowers.
Zone heating, i.e. heating of a part of the premises, function excellent with radiant heaters. The option of heating individual work stations or customising the temperature precisely in zones gives both high heating comfort and large energy savings. Radiant heaters effectively solve cold draughts problems, for example at large windows. In fact, the colder a room surface is (such as a window) the more radiant heat it will draw. The radiated heat ”automatically” migrate to where it is most needed. This is an advantage which creates a comfortable indoor climate.

To be able to use the benefits of the radiant heating principle for all types of buildings or rooms, we have developed a full range of products. Each product has its own unique qualities to be able to meet your specific demands and special requests.

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