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Automation Systems for Sliding Gates

Up to 300 Kg.
Equipped with a new generation, built-in control panel, the motor meets all European standard criteria. Its modern design and 24 V motor make it a complete system for sliding residential gates. This product gives reliability and durability.


Up to 400-600-800 Kg.
This  series adapts to legislative standards through new command electronics which best respond to the different needs of apartment blocks and homes. Customised solutions starting from the 230V versions, all the way up to the low tension, intensive-use ones.


Up to 800-1200-1800-2200 Kg.
This solution is the top when it comes to service and safety. It is designed for automating apartment blocks, industrial and collective area sliding gates in general. It comes in 9 different versions – all thought up to meet the usage requirements and solve any needs related to considerable weight, and thickness.


Up to 3500 Kg.
Power and reliability, the features that make this model ideal for large-sized gate leaves, such as industrial, sliding gates. The new generation electronics allows you to program the command to partially open the gate, control the proper running of the safety devices and automatically block the commands when any obstacles are detected.


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