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All framework metallic elements are zinc-plated with a minimum zinc thickness of 18µm. The minimum thickness of the gate mechanism metal profiles is 1.5mm, which prevents breakage under adverse or faulty operating conditions.
The ASSIST range is manufactured from standard panels with finger protection features, and also from raised decor panels.
  • opening height: 2m to 3m;
  • opening width: 2m to 5,5m;
  • headroom height: minimum 150mm;
  • distance from opening edge to wall: minimum 130mm;
  • required garage depth: leaf height plus 500mm.

Guide systems:

  • standard lift;
  • high lift;
  • vertical lift;
  • low lift, with drum at front position;
  • low lift, with drum at back position;
  • standard inclined lift;
  • high inclined lift.

Panel types:

  • standard panels;
  • raised decor panels.

Standard panel finishes:

  • external surface: smooth, stucco, imitation wood veneer;
  • internal surface - stucco.

Panel structure with finger protection:

  • external surface: stucco;
  • internal surface: stucco.

Framed panel structure:

  • external surface: wood veneer;
  • inside surface: stucco.

Thickness of the panel:

  • 38 mm, 42mm, 45mm and 50 mm;
  • thermo insulation coefficient = 0,38 W/sq.m

Basic complete equipment:

  • spring mechanism rated at 25,000 openings/closures;
  • low brackets with precise wire rope tension adjustment;
  • rubber stoppers or shock-absorbers (depending on the design chosen);
  • grip handle;
  • lock;
  • pull cord for closing the door.


  • automated locking;
  • 3 window types;
  • wicket-door with linear door closer (minimum leaf height - 2130mm);
  • wire rope breakage safety device (used only with industrial door lock);
  • spring breakage safety device;
  • hand-driven chain hoist;
  • automation;
  • external key-operated electric opener/unlocking device (mounted on the door handle).
  • remote control - 433 MHz or 868 MHz
  • safety accessories: photocells, signal lamp, traffic lights, etc.

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