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Automatic Doors

All Besam products are backed by over 40 years of engineering experience as well as a wealth of application expertise. Here you will find a full range of entrance solutions to fit virtually any need.

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Unislide Sliding Door Solutions
Besam's Unislide sliding door systems are supplied as a complete package and are especially appropriate for environments with high traffic flow, as well as in entrances and exits that must accommodate customer trolleys.
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Hermetic Automatic Door Systems
The Besam Hermetic sliding door is specially designed for use in clean room environments such as operating theaters, pharmaceutical production facilities, food preparation facilities, laboratories, and other areas where clean, hygienic, well-sealing doors are required.
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Curved Automatic Door Systems
The Besam Curved sliding door produces an impressive and elegant entrance in three dimensions, with depth in addition to width and height. It also provides a larger clear-opening width than a flat sliding door for increased ease of passage during busy times of day.
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REVOLVING DOOR - 2-wing UniTurn
Spacious revolving door for high-traffic entrances The Besam UniTurn revolving door creates an inviting and spacious entrance by utilizing a perimeter drive that eliminates the need for a bulky centre shaft. This creates a larger door compartment area capable of accommodating shopping and luggage carts, wheelchairs and large numbers of users with ease.
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REVOLVING DOORS - 3 or 4-wing Compact RD3 and RD4
The best solution when the interior environment is a priority. Besam revolving doors come in two-, three- and four-wing models that offer an impressive appearance while effectively separating indoor and outdoor climates.
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Swing Door Solutions
For both interior and exterior use, Besam’s swing door solutions can be optimized for many types of doors and blend well into different environments. The operators are ideal for both retrofit and new installations.
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different models of turnstiles for access control - produced by COMINFO. Wide variety of speed gates, swing gates, full-height turnstiles, full-height gates, waist-height and tripod turnstiles for indoor and outdoor use.
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