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Japanese award for quality BOSEI was given to ASSIST Ltd (върни се назад)


 On 22nd Dec 2009 at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held the official ceremony for the Japanese award for quality BOSEI. This prize is awarded for a secod time to Bulgarian company which achieved high results in the total quality management.

Mr.Georgi Stoev- Vice president of BCCI presented the program for 2010 of the Bulgarian-Japanese economic council of the BCCI. The Minister of economy Mr.Traikov was nominated as Honorary chaiman of this council.

The Japanese award for quality BOSEI was officially given to ASSIST by the Minister of Economy. ASSIST received congratulations from the Japanes Ambasador and the Chairman of the BCCI. Main achievements of ASSIST are good implementation of Japanese good practice in TQM concepts in Bulgarian economical conditions. ASSIST has proved to be the most serious supplier f garage doors and especially has adopted special "project-saving" policy in 2009 by supplying andinstalling the biggest and most special industrial doors in BULGARIA.

Main reasons for the choice of ASSIST as best company for the award BOSEI: „top management policy”, unique activities with  high efficiency, sustanability, responsibility, integrity, multiplying effect, innovation and creativity.