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DoorHan sectional doors show record performance!

Unique full-scale environmental test of Doorhan sectional doors 3800x2500 mm has been conducted by the DoorHan group and by the scientist of the Building Physics Research Institute of Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences.

Due to the worked out research technique and the high-technology equipment the test was conducted in the conditions which were maximum approximated to the real-life environment and showed high accuracy results.
Watertightness — record value - 250 Pascal
The test showed that at wind speed up to 22 m/sec accompanied with rain DoorHan sectional doors ensure safe protection against water permeability. It is 8 numbers by Beaufort (thin and dry tree branches are breaking, it is impossible to speak at such wind, it is difficult to go upwind, sea wave height is up to 7.5 m.).
Airtigthtness — record value - 5 m3/(h · m2).
Airtightness characteristic of DoorHan sectional doors which are moving enclosing constructions can be compared to airtightness characteristic of the stationary hermetic enclosing constructions (e.g plastic windows).
Wind load — record value
  • Vertically - 460 Pascal (27.5 м/с). 10 numbers by Beaufort (on land it is observed seldom, causes substantial damage of buildings, trees are uprooted by the wind, maximum sea wave height is 12.5 m).
  • Horizontally - 603 Pascal (31.4 m/sec). 11 numbers by Beaufort (observed rarely, damages on large areas, sea wave height is up to 16 m).
  • maximum peak wind load (at which permanent deformation of door leaf as well as mechanical damages of doors are not observed) — up to 2500 Па (64 m/sec), is not classified!
  • The test results proved unsurpassed and unique performance characteristics of DoorHan sectional doors as to the environmental parameters, that points to their safety, technological effectiveness and applicability in any climatic zone of Russia as well as other world countries.