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ASSIST LTD is a contemporary, socially oriented organization striving to be attractive employer, based on the following principles:

  • Hiring of motived people willing to be part of ASSIST LTD team, who can help the organization to succeed with its professional knowledge and personal qualities;
  • Maintenance of high standards of execution by efficient training and continuous personnel development;
  • Set up and development of professional organization, which stimulates  individual initiative and responsibility, creativity and innovation.


In nowadays competitive environment, ASSIST LTD aims to attract and keep its talented employees by implementation of modern system for management and human resources development.


Training and Development

The training and development activities are strongly related with the environment (Globalization, new technologies and trends) and have fundamental contribution  to the efficient development, the growth and  the goals of the company.

There are two types of company training at ASSIST Ltd.:

Internal company training - presenting and establishing the organization's traditions and culture.

Skill related training - for acquiring and improving the knowledge and the skills of the personnel.


How do you know that you are the right applicant for the positions at ASSIST LTD?

ASSIST LTD has a comprehensible hiring policy. The organization offers opportunities for professional development, training, remuneration and growth according to personal contribution and achieved results.

If you have relevant education and you are motivated, ambitious, communicative and want to develop professionally in dynamic environment - ASSIST LTD is the place for you!